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Cedar is characterized by a sweet-smoky-spicy aromatic. The spicy-smoke that cedar imparts makes it an excellent compliment to sweet sauces, marinades or rubs. It can help to think "sugar and spice" when it comes to crafting your own flavorings with this wood.

Higher temperatures create more smoke -- and flavor. On a barbecue set to medium-high, these NorthWoods Smoke Grilling Planks will smoke, char and deliver a richly flavored and moist entree. On gas grills, the heat can be easily adjusted to create a sweeter smoke (low setting) and give each plank two or more uses. Charcoal grills may char on the first use.

But it's not over yet. After the NorthWoods Smoke plank has charred and blistered, crumble it up and let pieces fall to bottom of the grill and reuse them as seasoned smoking chips. Absolutely wonderful when grilling vegetables.

Tips and Yips  

Planking Tips:

Grilling Tips:
  • Soak your cedar plank in Burgundy Wine to add a special flair. (from a chef friend of mine)
  • Cook a rib-eye on the cherry plank.
  • Cook your Kabobs on an alder or cedar planks. No ,more Charred veggies and add a hint of spice to them.
  • Use a plank when cooking brats for the REAL men, reduces flare ups and stops the burn.
  • Keep that water bottle handy, you never know when you might need one to cool off your plank, or that brother no good in-law.
  • Use double folded tin foil to hold your wood chips on a gas grill. When you're done, throw it away.
  • Try cooking butter and garlic mushrooms for an appetizer. Keep the heat indirect with lots of hickory or cherry smoke. Use fresh garlic.
  • Don't forget, presentation finished the perfect grilling job. Add a sprig of thyme, cilantro or a lemon wedge to you presentation.
  • Use only quality spices when cooking, you can get them from us (coming in 2004) or your favorite spice retailer. It definitely worth the price.
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