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Wood Pellets

Most pellet manufacturers use 20% of the “wood flavor” you choose like apple, mesquite, hickory ect. The rest of the wood used to make the pellets is what many call a “filler wood”, most often oak or alder as these woods are cheap to acquire and find in the regions where most pellets are made, northwest USA, western Canada and central USA.
Use ours instead because they are 100% of the wood you choose, that’s 100% of applewood, 100% cherrywood, 100% hickorywood, 100% mesquitewood. That’s what you order, that’s what you get.

If you are in need of larger quantities of pellets for cooking or you just need heating pellets, give us a call or email, we can help you with your needs.

Minnesota blend - Mostly maple with a little cherry, hickory and oak too.
100% Cherry
100% Apple
100% Hickory
100% Maple
100% Mesquite
Minnesota blend, Maple, Apple, Cherry, Mesquite or Pellets Hickory

All our pellets are 100% pure wood of the flavor you order. No Mixing of woods in our pellets. Why use a blend when you can have pure??
Great for Traegers and cook shack pellet smokers and cookers!!!
Works in others too!!
Buy yours today!!

20 pounds

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