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Cedar Paper

cedarpaper2.jpgOur Cedar paper is pliable enough to embrace a single-portion fillet of salmon, a hunk of fresh mozzarella or half a ripe summer peach.
The papers, first soaked in water, cook directly on the grill (they char and scorch, so they can be used only once) and lend the contents Smokey perfume flavor. The sheets can be rolled into tubes around shrimp, cinched with a strap of scallion green and grilled. They're best used with subtle foods, because the paper's Smokey tones are no match for bold flavors like marinated skirt steak. Try fish, prawns, cheese, tofu or summer Vegetables.

5" x 5" Cedar Papers
7.50 for 10-Piece Pack
6" x 6" Cedar Papers
10.80 for 10-Piece Pack
7.5" x 8" Cedar Papers
14.95 for 10-Piece Pack

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